Chapter 9

Due Diligence Guidelines –

Interviews of Major Business Stakeholders

7. Irregularities During Interviews

7.1 Standard

In conducting interviews, the sponsor should … (v) identify any irregularities noted during the interview (e.g. [the] interview not taking place at the registered or business address of the person or entity selected for interview, reluctance on the part of the interviewee to cooperate) and ensure any irregularities are adequately explained and resolved. [Paragraph 17.6(f)(v) of the Code of Conduct]

7.2 Recommended Steps

7.2.1 In conducting interviews and assessing their results, the sponsor should be alert for information which is inconsistent in a material respect with other information (particularly, but not limited to, financial information) regarding the listing applicant which has been provided to the sponsor which may indicate that the information formerly provided is unreliable.

7.2.2 The sponsor should make appropriate enquiries to clarify any such apparent inconsistencies.


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Sponsor Interviews for Listing Document

Irregularities During Interviews

Inconsistent Information in Material Respect from Sponsor Interviews

Irregularities During Interviews of Major Business Stakeholders

Paragraph 17.6(f)(v) of the Code of Conduct

Inconsistencies in Due Diligence Interviews

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